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The Importance of Tire Tread & Winter Tires in Wells River, VT

If you're in the market for new tires this winter, consider swapping out your all-season tires for winter tires. Winter tires - otherwise known as snow tires - are engineered specifically for cold weather driving conditions. Unlike traditional all-season tires, winter tires are designed using more flexible rubber and utilize more aggressive tread to help combat the icy and slippery roads in Wells River, VT.

Why Buy Winter Tires at Wells River Chevrolet?

When it comes to installing new winter tires on your vehicle in Wells River, VT, our facility is properly equipped to ensure the job gets done correctly. We utilize the latest advanced tire tools and technology to help de-rim your current tires, polish your rims, and re-install your brand new set of rugged, heavily-treaded winter tires from your favorite OEM brands.

At Wells River Chevrolet, we're proud to offer a collection of certified winter tires from a variety of trustworthy manufacturers - including Goodyear, Yokohama, Hankook, and Bridgestone. In addition to our featured inventory of new winter tires, our team is committed to helping you select the best tire for your vehicle and can also help schedule same-day installation.

General Winter Tire Safety Info

The tires on your car are what help give your vehicle adequate traction and suspension. During the colder months of winter, when the highways are icy, it's important for your safety only to operate your vehicle if it's properly equipped with tires that have sufficient tread.But when it comes to replacing and servicing your tires, there are a few key safety tips to be aware of, including:

  • Tire air pressure is volatile if handled improperly
  • Always wear protective eye coverings when monitoring your tire pressure
  • Ensure your vehicle is safely lifted off the ground and secure before removing tires yourself

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